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Mcnett Tenacious Tape Tattoos Μπαλώματα Σε Διάφορα Σχήματα

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Mcnett Tenacious Tape Tattoos Μπαλώματα Σε Διάφορα Σχήματα

Add some fun to clothing and equipment with Tenacious Tape™ Tattoos. These customised patches feature fun shapes and patterns to make fashionable repairs to clothing and equipment.

Unlike stickers, Tenacious Tape Tattoos utilize an ultra-aggressive adhesive that won’t peel or lift. Rain, snow or shine, these stylish custom patches not only fix rips, tears or holes, but they also allow you to personalize your clothing and gear with fun shapes and designs. Add decorative patches to clothes, backpacks, mobile phones, luggage, cars and more.

  • Tenacious Tape™ Tattoos provide fast repairs to rips, tears or holes in clothing and outdoor equipment etc.
  • Bonds to almost any surface.
  • Suitable for use on most fabrics i.e. WINDSTOPPER®, CORDURA®, Ripstop Nylon, cotton, vinyl, canvas, Neoprene etc.
  • Ideal for personalizing clothing, backpacks, luggage, camping gear, mobile phones, cars and windows etc.
  • Long-lasting, machine washable, removable and residue free.
  • Each strip contains 18-24 individual tattoos depending on theme.

Nylon, Polyester, Vinyl, Canvas, Rubber, Bicast Leather (PU Leather), Non-Oiled Leather, Neoprene, Vinyl Plastic (PVC), TPU, EVA Plastic, PET Plastic, OPP Plastic, CORDURA®, Sunbrella® – WINDSTOPPER® Jackets, Rucksacks, Rainwear, Helmets, Tents & Tarps, Inflatables Fishing Waders, Gaiters, Sleeping Bags, Sleeping Pads, Seat Cushions Coolers, Water Bottles, PFDs, Luggage, Rubber Boots, Wallets Notebooks, Mobile Phones, Kids Equipment, Windows.

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