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Camp Neve Πιολέ

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Camp Neve Πιολέ

A combination of the alpinist’s two most important assets: strength and light weight. T-rated for rugged terrain. Forged NiCrMo steel head ensures maximum resistance of spike and adze. 7075 aluminum alloy single-curve bent shaft with aggressive steel spike offers a maximum range of comfortable positions for posting and anchoring. Two rivets and a nylon cap create a solid and durable connection between the head and shaft. Hand grip reduces sliding on the shaft. Equipped with standard alpine leash (Dragonne #1304).

Weight: 425 gr.
Length: 50 cm / 57 cm / 65 cm
New color and graphic 2014/2015.

An entry level technical axe for snow and ice. The steel head performs well on all terrain and the aluminium shaft keeps it lightweight, “Touring” leashes included.

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