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Salewa Micra 2 Αντίσκηνο 3 Εποχών

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Salewa Micra 2 Αντίσκηνο 3 Εποχών

The Micra is small, stable, and stands up to wind well. Unique two-pole design increases headroom but keeps the groundsheet small. Two side vents allow maximum air circulation and work together to reduce condensation. Great for one person but big enough for two if you dont have a lot of gear.


Double Wall Open or close
Spring Clip
Side Ventilations
Door Storage Pocket
Gearloft Open or close
Rainproof Entrance
Double storm flap
Setup: Innertent first

Tent constrution: Dome

Cabins: 1

Ventilations: 2

Entrances: 1

Weight Max: 3kg

Weight Min: 2kg

Watercolumn Fly: 4,000mm

Watercolumn Floor: 7,000mm

Persons: 2 Persons

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