Brunotti Maija Μπουφάν


Quilted lightweight jacket from Brunotti with recycled Clo-i padding. The filling resembles down but is made of ultra-light fibers: the padding provides a perfect balance between warmth and ventilation and the supple material is windproof. In addition, this padding is easier to care for than real down and is also very suitable for people with allergies. The jacket for women offers warm comfort and optimal freedom of movement for every occasion.

Ένα ζεστό αντιανεμικό μπουφάν Brunotti που μπορεί να φορεθεί όλες τις ώρες.

Χρώμα: Grey [Pine Grey]

Ύφασμα: 100% Polyamide


Real Down

Κανονική γραμμή

Recycled Clo-i padding ( Για απόλυτη ισορροπία μεταξύ ζέστης και κρύου)

Στη ίδια ΤΙμή!

Brunotti Vardary Softshell Jacket
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Brunotti Τalan Μπουφάν Aνδρικό